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We Are Sponsoring Kelly Lepage On The     For More Ice Cats Photos

All Women's Hockey Team In Timmins.                                      Click Here


Grade 10 Student

15 Years Old

École Secondaire Theriault

Timmins, Ontario


Kelly has played hockey for three years now.

This is her first year with the KIA Ice Cats.


She really enjoys the sport.  She is a very strong player and is always there to help out her teammates.  That is what makes Kelly a good defensive player.


Kelly's other sports interests  include participating in all Xcountry meets in town, and playing soccer in the position of center field.


At school, Kelly is an "A" student.  Whatever she puts her mind to doing, she succeeds with great honors.  She has also received Athlete of the Year at École Secondaire Theriault in the year 2001 and at École St. Charles in the year 2000.



We Also Sponsored A Softball Team In

Kapuskasing For        Years from 1999-2002.

(We only have pictures from 2000-2002)